Spiritualism is a Science, Philosophy and Religion that has no dogma or creed. Religion may tell you the truth, but Spirituality lets you discover for yourself what to accept or reject. Spirituality encourages you to create your own path. It sets you on a journey to enlightenment and soul-discovery that is unlimited.

The First Spiritual Temple is more than just a church. We are a Spiritual Family, caring and supportive of one another. We know that this takes on many forms. Perhaps it is just a smile, a kind word, a telephone call, an offer of assistance. Our arms are always open to anyone who is curious and in need of a community like ours.

Church Services consist of healing, prayer, lectures and spiritual guidance. Unfoldment/Development Classes are also available.

We are members of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches incorporated in 1895. Please join us for service, the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at 11:00am.

We would love to meet you!