The First Spiritual Temple was chartered as the Ladies First Aide Spiritual Society, October 5, 1895. We are an NSAC church, and were issued Charter #15 by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC) as the First Spiritual Temple, 1916.

The first Pastor was the Reverend Maude Kline, who was a blindfold medium, phenomena medium, trumpet medium and she did transfiguration. The second pastor was Elizabeth Sieger. Then Milton Monroe, LM. His wife Rev Mitzi Monroe taught class. Her student the Reverend. Alfred A. Conner, NST, became Pastor for many years. The next Pastor was the Reverend Donald McFarland, NST, followed by the current Pastor, the Reverend Elsie Ann Soria, NST.

Our Pastors

Rev. Elizabeth Sieger
Rev. Alfred A. Conner
Rev. Lawrence McNair
Rev. Donald McFarland
Rev. Elsie Ann Soria